Omnichannel selling made easy

We help you sell more, to all channels. Listing, update stock, price and process order. Do in minutes what you currently do in hours. All in one place

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Trusted by top brands, retailers and online sellers

Whether you're a small start-up or a large enterprise, our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs and help you reach your goals

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Everything you need to grow your multi-channel business

Products that connect every side of your business from inventory, fulfill order, product management, warehousing, customer support, analytics, and payment reconciliation.

Forstok Omnichannel

Integrated Multichannel Selling Platform

Manage your products, listing, stock, prices and full order all-in-one easy to use dashboard

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Forstok Analytics

Integrated E-commerce Analytic Solution

Data insights to drive your business. Track sales, product performance and customers.

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Forstok Chat

Integrated Marketplace Chats

Manage customers chat on every Marketplace in one place. It can be access from your mobile web.

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Forstok POS

Web-based Retail POS

Effortlessly sell both offline and online with integrated stock, a seamless Omnichannel solution.

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Forstok WMS

Warehouse Management System App

WMS app allows efficient picking and packing using your device and supported barcode scanner.

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Forstok Seller API

Open API made for developers

Build application on top of Forstok Platform and connect your application through powerful APIs.

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Integration partners

Sell more product on all Marketplaces, E-commerce Platform and Point-of-Sale

Why Forstok?

Increase revenue by selling more products in more channels with the least effort, time and cost.

Centralize inventory and operations in one system.

Remove manual entry. Automate inventory sync across channels.

Streamline order management and fulfillment.

Real-time reporting, Multi-channel revenue growth.

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